Friday, May 6, 2011

Note to Self: Check for Holes in the Bag

Vinson's doing great, but an, ahemm, interesting thing happened when we went out to park this afternoon. It seems the poop bag had a hole in it, so when tying up the bag after another successful elimination, poo squeezed out of the hole onto my hand like play-dough through an old toy play-dough press (only much less fun).

The Seeing Eye groundskeeper and I had a good laugh.

Add to your list of things to know when raising a puppy - check your bags for holes!


  1. Oh Ryan! Now you will be checking for holes OBSESSIVELY.

  2. been there, done that... YUCK!!!!

  3. Your description was so vivid it was as though I were there seeing and feeling it all and I am blind as can be. Thanks for being so descriptive.

  4. yea ... been there, done that. We "recycle" plastic newspaper bags by using them to clean up after our dog. They work great because you can slide them up your arm, like a plastic sleeve, and still have plenty of bag left to double wrap the smellier deposits, *but* you have to make sure there are no holes in the end.