Friday, May 20, 2011

From Five to Six in Less than 24 Hours!

Apparently, the purple camouflage wrap didn't suit Vinson's tastes - during our rainy day routine of placing Vinson on my lap and covering his wrap with a plastic bag and rubber band before heading outside to park, the splint and wrap we had put on just last night slipped right off onto the floor!

I immediately immobilized the leg as best as possible, and used my one free hand to call one of my two area coordinators, who happens to work on campus. She relayed the information the clinic on site and I quickly but cautiously brought the little guy to the clinic.

Staff veterinarians immediately took him in, performed the radiographs they were going to do next week, and gave him splint/wrap number six - now a darker, solid purple. Vinson was back in the crate in my office in less than an hour, and seems no worse for wear.

Just goes to show you can never predict daily life with your young pup! Photos coming soon.

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