Sunday, May 15, 2011

High Energy "Crocodile" Phase

Vinson is in extreme high-energy phase, and the nipping/biting phase sometimes referred to as the crocodile phase - and we know why! He likes to snap at virtually anything he can reach with his quick, ever-growing snout and incredibly sharp teeth - old favorites like dandelions and pant legs, and new spots like crevices in the sofa and wrists.

This is a challenging phase, with lots of time spent correcting and re-correcting. With Vinson's change in size, lots of new things are now within his reach. He can get his front paws up on furniture and can climb up the stairs in a flash. He gets onto the bottom shelf of the coffee table and then "digs" like there's no tomorrow. Lately the joke is that he'll start thinking his name is "Vinson No".

Commonly, this phase lasts just a few weeks. It's all part of the commitment of raising a pup!

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