Sunday, March 25, 2012

Airport Video

Here's some video from Vinson's adventures in the airport.

Vinson Goes to the Airport

SeatedSiblingsClubs AssemblingHappy as Can BeClub Members PoseAirport Bus
Airport Bus Dog ViewOn the Tarmac!Outside the Port Authority FirehouseSome Serious TrucksGoing UpCruising through Ticket Check-in
Security CheckpointThe SmilerCute QueueWaiting PatientlyWaiting to BoardLots to See
Club PhotoUnusual DistractionBoardingFlight CrewOn Board!At Rest

In this morning's sunshine many Seeing Eye puppy raising clubs assembled at Newark Liberty Airport for a special outing and new sights and sounds. We had a fantastic turnout with enough raisers and pups to fill four airport buses - I'd guess 90 people and 50+ pups!

This is a very special opportunity to bring these puppies through many experiences in a short time: We circled giant fire and rescue trucks on the tarmac, rode on buses, walked through line queues, experienced slick floor tiles, waited in lines, walked through a tunnel and actually boarded an airliner!

Vinson did very well overall, but in true "Vinny" form, he had a plan to steal the show. While not the only pup to do so, Vinson was the first in the crew to "take care of business" on airport grounds. Despite careful preparation and timing in our morning routine, Vinson pooped on the big sidewalk right out front of the terminal. Not to be outdone, others followed, but Vinson made sure he was the first. A quick cleanup and we were on our way inside.

The above photos show many of the moments from today - I have video clips that I'll post shortly. Special thanks to the club leaders, the raisers, the pups and the good folks at the Port Authority, United Airlines and Newark Airport for a great experience.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning Moment

Vinson starts every day like it's going to be the best day yet - smiling, tail wagging and ready to meet and greet the world. Early this morning as we made our way down the long corridor at The Seeing Eye we met up with a large group of students in the new class. The students could hear Vinson's jingling collar and his expressive breathing as he got closer; they asked if they could meet him.

Since the class began yesterday, the students don't have their dogs yet, so interference was not the concern it normally would be for me when working Vinson around class activities. Vinson proudly went directly into the center of the group and made himself comfortable for petting and kisses.

Big smiles were on all faces - including mine and Vinson's - as the students headed out for a morning of training and we headed up to get to work. Another wonderful Vinson moment.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Changing Seasons. Barking Reasons.

With the wildly warm March weather I opened up the windows at home the last few nights and this brought on a new barking behavior. Along with the fresh breeze, the sounds of neighborhood dogs barking also drift in the windows.

Vinson does not bark at other dogs when meeting them or seeing them from a distance, but apparently hearing them without seeing them is a trigger for his bark response. Just goes to show that there are still things to work on regardless of puppy age.

Beyond that, Vinson is visibly maturing and settling down somewhat. Experienced raisers always tell me to expect Vinson to begin to behave really well, just about the time he returns for training. Looks like that may just be the case...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing the Spotlight: Watson Turns Two

Watson loves to squeeze into cozy spots where he shouldn't fit!
Not to be outdone by Vinson's recent birthday, Watson is two years old today and he'll be celebrating with some extra play in the big field on lunch break. Happy birthday, big fella!

On the Ball...

Vinson continues to grow and mature and is starting to look a lot more like his big buddy, Garcia, than the little wild pup he was just a few months ago. Still, hillarity happens.

Vinson had extra energy today since I wasn't able to properly exercise him yesterday, so we headed to The Seeing Eye field this morning. Vinson loved retrieving the ball in the balmy spring air, but at one point he dropped the ball and didn't immediately return to me - a sure sign that he's looking for a place to "park". After he parked I moved in with the bag, but when I got close to the ball I could see why Vinson was staring at it, puzzled. He had somehow managed to poo right on top of the ball.

They sure keep you smiling - somehow even when it's a gross "prank"!