About the Puppy Raisers

Ryan and Vinson's first meeting - Jill, Vinson's area coordinator, makes the delivery
This particular puppy is being raised by Ryan, a staff member at The Seeing Eye's headquarters in Morristown, N.J., and his wife, Sarah. This is the first puppy they are raising for the program.

Many of you have likely interacted with Ryan through our Web pages or at events like Family Day. Ryan oversees SeeingEye.org, the organization's Facebook page at Facebook.com/SeeingEye, the Twitter and YouTube pages, and also designs and launches Seeing Eye® email newsletters. If you've seen any of The Seeing Eye YouTube videos, he's been producing those too.

Ryan and Sarah live in Sparta, N.J. in Sussex County. They are both lifelong animal lovers and quickly became involved with Seeing Eye® puppies after Ryan joined the staff back in January, 2010, puppy-sitting for a wide variety of future Seeing Eye dogs®, from the tiniest puppy to the biggest shepherds.

Sarah babysitting a Seeing Eye® puppy, Watson
Ryan and Sarah are sharing the responsibility of raising this puppy for The Seeing Eye program, and have committed to sharing the experience with the world through this Blog. They will be attending puppy club meetings with the Sussex County club, "Love on a Leash".

While The Seeing Eye has allowed the creation of this blog, the organization does not write, edit or own any of the content. The blog is run by the Hartigan's as a volunteer effort to help spread the mission of The Seeing Eye. Being that we are new to puppy raising, we're bound to make some mistakes along the way; and, along with the special moments, we will share those mistakes with you. That's the point!

- Ryan