Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leaf Blowers and Coffee Don't Mix

This morning on our walk into the office, I had Vinson securely in my left arm (he is required to be carried on campus until he has completed his 13-week inoculations, which happens to be this weekend) and my coffee in my right arm. What I hadn't anticipated was the leaf blowers on the sidewalk, or Vinson's reaction to them since he's so unresponsive to most noises.

As we neared one of the staff members who was blowing grass cuttings off of the sidewalk, Vinson began squirming like a 20 pound worm. A quick blow from his foot to the coffee cup sent warm coffee up onto my face, neck and shirt. No harm done. We took a wider berth around the grounds crew and continued on.

In the future we'll work more on leaf blowers to ensure he is comfortable with them. For now, until he can walk on the property next week, the coffee and the dog will be on separate walks from the car!

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