Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From The Seeing Eye archive, a yellow Lab from a different era
No, this isn't Vinson in the photo. It is a Seeing Eye yellow Lab puppy, but he's sitting with a harness in front of a Radio Shack "Micro Computer" - the TRS-80 II, released in 1979. Can you believe that computer retailed for $3,500?

Vinson will have lots of new stories to share on here next week. He's been staying with friends while Sarah and I are traveling and some funny moments have already occurred.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, have a wonderful holiday celebration with your family, friends and precious canine pals!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put Your Arm Around a Friend

After having their dinner, Watson and Vinson settled into Watson's big dog bed together, each with their own Nylabone. Watson proceeded to put his arm around his little buddy!

Although Vinson's antics are often compared to those of "Marley", the new drywall in this photo is thankfully not related to puppy play!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Big Day for Vinson

Ryan & Vinson posing with the new vest [photo: Jill Jaycox, Vinson's Area Coordinator]
This morning after successfully displaying proper behavior and obedience throughout various Morristown locations, Vinson has officially been "vested", and may now wear the official Seeing Eye puppy vest.

The vest represents that Vinson is continuing on the path to ultimately become a Seeing Eye dog. Any time we take Vinson to public events or local businesses who have approved his presence, Vinson will now wear the vest instead of the puppy bandana that the young ones wear.

Typically, vesting happens at around 6 months of age and is handled through your puppy club, issued by your area coordinator. Vinson was about two months behind on puppy club work due to his leg break back in the Spring, so his vesting was a bit delayed. But that takes nothing away from the fact that this is a very big moment on the puppy raising path; and we're super proud of him! Way to go, buddy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Greeter

Vinson sitting at the entrance to The Seeing Eye this afternoon
Vinson's dream job is to be the official Seeing Eye greeter at the reception desk. He takes advantage of any opportunity to meet new people, say hi to old friends and catch up with canine pals.

Today he was super excited to meet an incredible family from the Philadelphia area. The family's two sons put together what sounds like a very cool and complex haunted house each October; and this year they decided that they wanted to use the event to raise money for The Seeing Eye.

Their haunted house, and the cause, were a huge hit, and the boys raised nearly $500 for The Seeing Eye through the generous donations of their haunted house visitors.

Today, the family made the 2-hour drive to our campus, as they wanted to see the campus, meet some pups and present their hard-earned check in person. Of course, Vinson was thrilled to meet and play with the boys. Everyone had a great time!

Decking the Halls

Today, Seeing Eye staff gathered in the main lobby to trim the holiday tree and place their toys for those in need underneath it. Since this is Vinson's first tree experience I wanted to expose him to the various scents and decorations.

Vinson was very gentle with the tree, but he really had his eye on some of the stuffed toys beneath it! Still, he settled down well enough to "rest" without being held for this photo.

Vinson laying in front of The Seeing Eye's holiday tree and fireplace

Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry Vinson hasn't shared much of his story in the past two weeks. Here's a quick catch-up:
  • Vinson and Watson have become fast friends, and while Vinson still needs to be reminded to settle down when the big guy is finished playing, they are both loving each other.
  • Since both Vinson and Watson travel to and from work with me, we had some new routines to develop. Watson stays in The Seeing Eye's staff dog housing building, so he needs to be dropped of there with all of his toys and accessories before Vinson and I head up to the office.
  • Vinson enjoyed meeting the Orientation & Mobility students at The Seeing Eye last week.
  • The late cold temperatures have really excited Vinson when we're outside - which is normal. Some of the leash biting and other "old" behaviors have returned slightly when the crisp air meets the pup's excitement.
  • Vinson and Watson are both preparing for extended holiday vacations with friends and family. Vinson will be spending part of the holiday break with Pat and Garcia from The Seeing Eye; and Watson will be spending some time with his puppy raising family.
More to come...