Monday, May 16, 2011


Chewing the Wood Table. No!
Vinson, with his growing, has discovered that he can get up onto the end table shelves. Once there, before we grab him and correct him, he has begun chewing the table legs (shown in this photo) and digging on the wood itself in a high-speed super digging action.

He brought the blue toy up there with him, but in this case the wood was more interesting. Again, not surprising - a new texture, a new location he can access - this IS puppy-hood. Repeated corrections, teamwork and patience are a key to success.

It should be noted that this is normal behavior for an eleven week-old puppy, whether from The Seeing Eye or not. You've got to be committed to working through this phase and be honest with yourselves that it is going to happen; and when the pup does calm down, give you kisses and fall asleep, do a couple of furniture scratches really matter (if your answer is yes, you may want to rethink getting a young puppy!)?

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  1. oh ryan! good luck :) our cross used to chew a lot but our sheppie didn't. maybe try a GSD next! LOL Hang in there, you've got only about 16 months left!!! LOL all the best, judy