Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And It's Off!

Vinson being held by staff while another tech begins to cut away his splint wrap
Vinson stands calmly as the technicians begin the removal
Just got back from the Vincent A. Stabile Canine Health Center here at The Seeing Eye. Vinson's splint is officially removed.

In typical Vinson fashion, he was very calm during the quick procedure.

His leg does look predictably atrophied, his nails are long and he does have a few pressure spots from wearing the splint for so long.

With the purple wrap gone, the tech finishes cutting through the padding, revealing the clear, hard plastic, ridged splint below
Underneath the wrap, the splint is visible
Now the new challenge begins: keeping Vinson from running or performing any movement that could risk reinjuring the leg while the muscle recovers; and also keeping him from any incessant licking which could create "hot spots" on the leg.

We'll be continuing the use of the e-collar as necessary.

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