Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The First Sign of Understanding "Off"

Now that Vinson is long/tall enough to get his front end up on tables and chairs to find new items of interest, we've been working on the correction, "off". Just minutes ago he seemed to exhibit some understanding of what we're asking of him. It is not yet a consistent behavior, but we're very proud of him and will continue to work on it. As with any success, we reward him with lots of praise when he reacts appropriately. Way to go, bud!

Note: as first-time puppy raisers, we incorrectly began this training using the word "down". Thanks to my area coordinator, I was reminded that the term "down" is only to be used to get the dog to lay down. If the dog is on something they are not supposed to be on, the correction is "off".

Similarly, the only term used to get a dog to sit is, "sit". If a raiser was then to use the term "sit down", the puppy would be understandably frustrated and confused, as it wouldn't know whether you were asking him to sit or lay down.

All just a product of  being new to the program. There are so many details to learn, and while we consult the manual and our coordinators regularly, it is still very easy to make mistakes when new behaviors appear suddenly and require correction.

Another lesson learned! We'll be working on "off" tonight.

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