Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Trees, Socks and Lots of Doggies - We're Back!

Puppy-Proofing includes choosing decorations!
After a pause in the Blog for holiday gatherings, we're all back in the same place and there are lots more stories to share! Vinson is now a bit over 10 months old!

Sarah and I had a great trip to Oregon to visit family and do some skiing and snowboarding. In our absence, Watson stayed with his original puppy raiser, and Vinson split the time between Sarah's folk's house and Pat and Garcia's; and boy did he have fun!

While staying with Sarah's folks, Vinson decided to do a little "redecorating" for the holidays. While they took lots of care to puppy-proof their house in advance, one of Vinson's habits eluded the plan (remember the stuffed moose from a while back?).

Vinson continues to be enamored with small, stuffed critters - anything that looks reasonably real. Sarah's folks had one ornament on their tree that looked like a real bird; and while it was hanging high up, that was no deterrent to Vinson. Before they could stop him, he leaped up to grab the bird, getting his legs tangled in the holiday lights and ultimately pulling the whole tree down! I'm told they snapped photos of the repositioned tree after the incident. Luckily no birds were harmed and the tree was able to be reasonably redecorated.

Then it was on to Pat's house...

The following series of posts were graciously contributed by Pat, his wife Sital, Garcia and his pack.

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