Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Touching Moment

Working at The Seeing Eye, I feel very connected to the direct results of the work we do. Even so, touching moments sneak up on me and today was one of those days.

A student in the current Seeing Eye class had asked her instructor to let me know she'd like to meet me to chat about Vinson and this very blog. At lunch today (the entire staff and all current students eat lunch together every day) I introduced myself to a couple tables of students and shared stories with them.

When I met the student who'd been following Vinson's adventures, she shared an angle on puppy raising that I hadn't considered. She asked if she could shake my hand and said simply that, for graduates, it is a rare honor to shake the hand of a Seeing Eye puppy raiser. I was floored.

After wiping a tear from my eye we had a great conversation before she went off for afternoon training and I returned to my office and gave Vinson a proud hug.

It's a pretty special place to work, and a special honor to be raising Vinson.


  1. I am a Seeing Eye grad who has also had the privilege of meeting, and actually becoming friends with, one of the puppy raisers. It truly is a privilege. Thanks for all you do –

  2. Ryan, you're so right. It truly is an honor to raise a Seeing Eye puppy: Remarkable dogs for remarkable people!