Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pat's House, Day 2: Wednesday, December 28

Vinson sitting proudly on the landing while Garcia chews his Nylabone
Written by: Pat McKenna

Today started off with a bang. All the dogs, seperated for sleeping, were extremely happy to be reunited this morning. Vinson and Tighe the Boxer have a great game they invented. It's a high energy pass time that features running and playing. It's definately best when played outside in our fenced yard.

So far Vinson's doing great. His games of keep away aside, he's been behaving, getting along wonderfully with our dogs, and is very willing to go into his crate when it's time.

Every morning our three dogs go out together to relieve themselves, then come in for breakfast. They are to sit wait patiently until the "eat" signal is given. After they are done eating we do some obedience work, and finally grooming. Vinson did great with almost every stage of the morning plan. He did have a different idea about grooming. Brushing his teeth ultimately turned into a wrestling match that got more tooth paste on me than on his teeth. An impromptu game of keep away resulted when he stole the zoom groom and commenced zooming around my basement. A timely reminder from Tighe brought the game to a close and the brush was recovered. I'm hopeful tomorrow's grooming session will go more smoothly.

I'm pleased to see the Christmas tree is not a point of interest for our little yellow guest. So far, he hasn't acknowledged it's presence. I'm hopeful this doesn't change.

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