Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pat's House, Day 1: Tuesday, December 27

Written by: Pat McKenna

The Puppy has landed. My wife and I have the great honor of watching and minding young Vinson for several days. I took possession around 10 am. He was great for me in the office and behaved brilliantly in the car ride home.

The real action started when he was introduced to our pack. We have 3 dogs, Garcia, who already knows Vinson, as well as Mino the Terrier and Tighe the Boxer. Tighe and Vinson hit it off at once.

We thought we had puppy proofed our house, we were mistaken. Vinson has a real gift for acquiring items of great interest to him. Sticks from the yard, shoes, and slippers even if they are being warn.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one, with Vinson a blur of motion while Garcia sits calmly, says it all about our little friend!

He grabbed one of my wife's slippers that resulted in a real nice game of keep away. I was highly entertained, my wife less so. She's started referring to him as the "devel dog" until I pointed out as he was yellow, not chocolate, Twinky might be more appropriate.

A few of Sital's cousins stopped by today with their kids, ages three and four. Vinson was a big hit. One of the girls took off her shoes and socks, as she is want to do. The socks were on the ground for mere moments when Vinson sprung into action. One sock was rescued, the other fell prey to our little yellow guest (he's doing fine).

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