Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adaptation is the Name of the Game

Vinson sitting proudly in the morning sun, his breath visible
Sometimes pieces of the puppy puzzle seem counter-intuitive. Vinson has been exhibiting challenging behavior more recently than every before.

Now a game of ball in the big Seeing Eye field is typically a reward for Vinson, a special treat with some recall and obedience work built in. But I got to thinking this morning as I looked over the sun-drenched rolling field and pondered how mild the weather is for mid January, that some of Vinson's behavior may also be signalling a need for additional challenge and exercise.

And so, to the field we went. Vinson performed very well, returning consistently and sitting proudly while awaiting the ball throw.

We'll see if this approach - combining additional fun and work along with our usual daily routines - will help during Vinson's latest puppy phase.

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