Friday, November 4, 2011

Still in the Dark, but Vinson Doesn't Mind

A house just down the street clearly shows why Sparta power has been out for so long
Sarah and I are part of the unlucky 5% of New Jerseyans that are still without electricity following last weekend's freak storm. And while we huddle around the fireplace, cook on a camp stove and read by headlamp, Vinson is taking it all in stride, just as he seems to do with every new situation.

We've taken extra care to ensure Vinson and our cats have extra blankets and cuddle spots in the house. All of them enjoy sitting near (but not too close to) the fireplace; and Vinson now has plenty of exposure to flashlights and various lanterns. Just another week for him, but I can tell you that Sarah and I are more than ready to have heat, hot water, lights and a fridge with food in it!

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