Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Question Number One

Without a doubt, the number one question my wife and I hear as puppy raisers is "how can you give him up?" My quick response is usually "with tears and a smile". Of course there's more to it than that.

Yes, we will be very sad (and so will lots of others due to Vinson's "stardom" at work and in our neighborhood) for our own loss when Vinson no longer shares our home, my office and our daily lives in general.

I like to envision the process as similar to raising a child and seeing them graduate high school and move forward with their life. While the moving on was the intended goal all along, when the moment arrives it is concurrently sad and happy for a proud parent; things will change but success has been achieved.

We are raising Vinson with the hope that he will change a life as the more than 15,500 Seeing Eye dogs have over the past 83 years. Working at The Seeing Eye has given my wife and I a court-side seat to witness the difference these dogs make. That is the answer, the reason, the why and how. It is why we've chosen to be a part of the process, even knowing that will include some moments of sadness.

Puppy raising isn't for everyone, but for us, there is nothing we'd rather be doing.

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