Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Incredible Storm, But Vinson Loves the Snow

This is my first chance to post since we lost power Saturday. As you know, Saturday's storm caused incredible damage and power outages. After 4.5 hours of white-knuckle driving in our faithful Subaru, we made it to Vinson's puppy-sitter's and then on to the family wedding (the drive would normally take about 90 minutes).

Even major highways were block by trees and debris, and it seemed that few towns were ready as most of the salt trucks we saw didn't even have plows on them. Regardless, everyone made it where they had to go and back safely.

A quick shot of trees falling across Route 287, blocking multiple lanes
Here are some photos of Vinson inspecting the downed limbs at The Seeing Eye this morning. Thankfully, the only campus damage was to a railing and small patio area that a branch fell on. The grounds crew not only dealt with the early snow but quickly cleared all paths of sticks and branches.

Vinson seems to be asking me why all the branches are in the lawn

Posing to show the remaining snow despite sunshine and daily temperatures in the 50's
Now if we can just get our power, heat and hot water back at home, we'll be back to normal!

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  1. He looks really concern about this white stuff! Did he have fun running around in his first snow?