Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Positive Vet Visit

Vinson made a stop in at the Highlands Veterinary Clinic in Sparta tonight for his bordetella shot. Thanks to his broken leg at the young age of 8 weeks, Vinson is very schooled in veterinary visits, and immediately tried to hop up on the exam table when we went into the exam room.

Erin, the tech who is a long-time puppy raiser and sibling of a Seeing Eye instructor, was happy to see him and is currently raising a black Lab that has the same father as Vinson!

The office allowed us to also bring Watson with us so he could meet the staff and check out the office. Both were very well behaved and attracted a lot of attention.

And just as with all other inoculations, Vinson didn't squirm or even react. What a cool pup?!

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