Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Boy Collar

Many have asked why we haven't replaced Vinson's puppy collar. It's not that we didn't intend to (in fact, we bought a new one months ago). It had more to do with Vinson's tendency to treat his collar and leash as chew toys.

Tonight, we officially retired his Seeing Eye-issued puppy collar and reserved a spot for it in Vinson's "hall of shame", as we jokingly refer to the items that he's, ahemm, "produced", stretched, chewed or knotted along the way. Other items for the hall include:
  • Stomach X-rays from his underwear-eating incident
  • Countless leg splint and "cone-of-shame" photos from his big break
  • Tiny Nyalbone chew toys that are now way too small for him
  • His knotted and twisted Seeing Eye-issued puppy leash
His new attire? A Ruff Wear DoubleBack collar in green. Handsome indeed - and we love the flat buckles and quiet, rubber tag attachment.

Vinson sporting his new collar, exhausted after another day's long walk

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