Friday, November 11, 2011

And the "Very Big" Surprise Is...

Watson! That's right, Vinson's very large surprise is that Sarah and I have adopted a Seeing Eye career-change dog - and he happens to be the puppy that we first babysat for and is pictured in Sarah's arms on the "About the Puppy Raisers" page!

Watson is an 83 pound male black and tan German shepherd dog that we've known since he arrived with his puppy raiser - because she too works at The Seeing Eye.

Watson has always been a very calm dog, and he's being very patient with Vinson's puppy energy. Both are making friends already, sharing toys; and when I first crated Vinson to allow Watson a chance to settle in to his surroundings, Watson laid outside the room where Vinson was and rested.

Seems like they're off to a great start as good pals! More to come...

Watson shares his favorite toy with Vinson

Vinson checks out Watson's water, While Watson shows off his big wet nose

Watson tries out Vinson's bed (his own is much bigger)

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  1. Congratulations on adopting Watson. He looks beautiful!!!!! I know Vinson will learn a lot of good manners from him!!!!