Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Under the Big Top

"I'd like to get a little closer"

The Seeing Eye campus is buzzing with activity as staff prepares for Family Day, our annual event just for puppy raisers.
Watching the landscapers from under the big top

Vinson and I just took a walk around the property to check out the tents; he wanted a chance to perform under the bid top.


  1. Will Vinson be at family day to greet all the puppy raisers?

  2. Unfortunately, no. Since puppy raisers aren't allowed to bring their pups to Family Day, Vinson will not be with me.

    With that said, he is at The Seeing Eye every weekday, all day. If you join one of the Monday or Thursday tours, you'll very likely run into us. Vinson loves to greet the tour-goers!