Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Completed Vinson's Six-Month Survey

As part of the puppy raising program here at The Seeing Eye, I just completed the online six-month survey about his behavior. The purpose is to keep my area coordinator and the puppy development department up to date on how Vinson is progressing, and if needed, identify areas where he needs more focused work.

Areas addressed in the survey include fear and anxiety, separation, training and obedience, excitability, attention-seeking, aggression and general behavioral topics.

If you've been following along with Vinson, Sarah and I on this ride, you probably know that the one issue that underlies most of Vinson's challenges is excitability for sure! We did go through a period of attention-seeking barking but have made it through that.

Vinson has displayed very little anxiety, no separation issues and absolutely no aggression to human or animal. He doesn't complain about crate time, doesn't try to eat "leavings" of other critters and he doesn't chew or destroy furniture.

He's just an excitable, somewhat stubborn pup with a huge heart!

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