Thursday, August 11, 2011

Run Rabbit Run

Vinson impersonating a rabbit
Vinson has had a great morning, starting with his first chance to explore The Seeing Eye's 5-acre fenced field across the street from the office!

As Vinson's energy has increased it's become apparent that long walks simply aren't enough to tire him out. He needs to run.

Please turn your attention to the Dumbo-tron
I walked Vinson around the field on leash first, checking to ensure all gates were secure. After Vinson became more comfortable with the new space and calmed, I had him sit, removed his leash, took his favorite ball out of my pocket and gave it a throw.

Vinson sprinted off in search of the ball, dew from the morning grass creating a mist around him as he ran. Time after time, Vinson retrieved the ball and proudly sprinted back to me with it, never straying to investigate things on his own.

Here's a video of this morning's fun (keep in mind that I was throwing the ball and trying to video with the opposite hand). You can watch Vinson's videos in high definition on YouTube by clicking on the video once it has begun playing in the window below. High Def - that's how Vinson rolls.

Note: The Seeing Eye asks its puppy raisers not to bring their puppies to public dog parks, for a variety of reasons. This private field is owned by The Seeing Eye and is used by Seeing Eye staff with approved dogs only.

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