Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Martingale Collar

This martingale collar features nylon to protect the pup's neck
As Vinson grows and (ahemm) matures, he is naturally testing situations much like a child would - seeing if he can control when we stop and start on our walks, switching directions without input and jumping to play with the leash.

As his size and strength increase it becomes more challenging to correct these issues; so today, Vinson graduated to a martingale collar.

The idea behind the collar is that a quick tug of the leash synches the collar and then immediately loosens it (you must put the collar on correctly for it to properly loosen - if you don't know how to put the collar on, have someone experienced show you), getting fast attention and solidifying the training you're trying to accomplish.

We've only tried the collar a couple of times today, but so far there is a noticeable difference in Vinson's response to quick correction; and that's great for both of us.

At first, he was more interested in trying to lick and chew this new, shiny metal object, but Vinson's getting the hang of it; and it should lead to a clearer understanding of expectations and ultimately, a reduced need for correction.

As with any training tool - and especially with collars - lots of care must be taken to ensure you're using the collar properly and safely; and never leave a training collar on your dog if not under your direct supervision.

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