Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enter the FURminator

The Furminator that we have
Vinson's coat didn't shed much at all until this week. Suddenly, dark pants, car seats and dog beds went from black to salt-and-pepper, coated with Vinson's very light-colored fur.

As lifelong pet owners, Sarah and I have used lots of different types of brushes. But after speaking to some longtime puppy raisers and professional staff, we decided to get a Furminator.

We had had our reservations based on price, but I must say we are pleasantly surprised.

At first, Vinson wouldn't let us brush him with it - not because he didn't want to be brushed, but because he wanted to chew on the brush.

Last night, after Vinson was relaxed and resting, I slowly brushed him. As he realized that he enjoyed the brushing (with some "rest" and "no" encouragement), he learned to leave the brush alone and relax.

This afternoon, he repeated this new respect for the Furminator and Vinson's reward was a shiny coat.

The brush removes the undercoat and dander (from dogs and cats alike - and you will be shocked at the amount), and really left Vinson with a shiny, new coat.

Another great moment of realization - Vinson has accepted the Furminator.

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