Monday, April 18, 2011

We Meet - Vinson is Here!

Vinson and Ryan meet; Jill, my area coordinator is holding him
Just met the new puppy, "Vinson", a male lab golden cross 2. What does that mean? A lab and a golden retriever were bred, and then one of the offspring from that pair was bred with a lab.

Vinson is a lighter color than many yellow labs - almost white, and with the golden in him, his fur is much longer than a lab.

Vinson's mom is "Jasmine" and dad is "Linus". He was born on Sunday, February 27, 2011, and is 7 weeks and one day old today. His weight? Just 7.5 pounds!

Like all Seeing Eye puppies, he is tattooed in his ear with a number. His number is 2011167, meaning he was born in 2011, and he is the 167th puppy born this fiscal year.

He just had lunch and went out for a bathroom break. More to come...

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