Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down to Nearly Zero "Accidents" and Sleeping through the Night

Little Vinson is really figuring things out fast. He's now regularly sleeping until 6 a.m. without any middle-of-the-night trips outside; and he's really figured out how to tell us when he's ready to go outside. He calmly gets up and goes to the door.

As recommended by The Seeing Eye, we always use the same door to go out with him, and we always use the same part of the yard. Now he knows that, when he needs to go, all he has to do is go to that door and we spring into action.

Way to go, buddy!


  1. All of you do good work. May God Bless and Prosper you, and little Vinson!

  2. There is something great about dog lovers! There is something even greater about dog lovers that raise dogs for such a great purpose. Way to go folks!