Monday, April 18, 2011

Today is the Day!

And so it begins! Today is the day that Sarah and I will receive the puppy we'll be raising. We were told a couple of weeks ago that today would be the date and which litter the puppy was in.

The work at home and in my office began shortly after learning our "arrival date", following the guidelines The Seeing Eye provided to make our home and work areas "puppy proof".

After lots of anticipation and preparation, we're super excited to meet the puppy and begin our new venture as official puppy raisers.

Working at The Seeing Eye and raising a puppy is a unique situation, in that we are allowed to have the puppy on campus and in our office with us during work. There are some conditions that apply, due to inoculation schedules and the amount of dogs on campus.
  • Puppies have a special spot to relieve themselves, apart from where the working dogs go.
  • On-campus puppies have to be carried in the building until 14 weeks of age, again, based on specific shots that they can't get until that age.
  • The puppy will be crated when not outside or on lunch.

I'll be posting photos as soon as the puppy arrives!

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