Monday, April 25, 2011

Packing for a Sleepover

Vinson will be staying with a dedicated, very experienced puppy-raising coworker Tuesday night while Sarah and I are traveling to attend a family gathering. I am lucky enough to work at a place full of loving, experienced raisers, but If you are considering puppy raising, it is very important to think about what your plan would be when life's inevitable curve-balls mean you have to be somewhere without your puppy.

Who will look after the puppy? Do you have a kit prepared - you'll be responsible for filling out the puppy sitting forms, providing vet forms in case of emergencies, providing pre-measured meals, dishes, toys, a crate, etc. When you're signing up to become a puppy raiser, take some time to determine two or three people or households that you would look to in these situations.

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