Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vinson Takes a Spill

Our cat, "Porter" tries to make Vinson feel better
A tough morning for the little guy. Vinson was super excited this morning and chased the cat into the bedroom. When the cat jumped up on the bed, Vinson apparently tried to follow, but of course he couldn't make the leap. He fell on his left hind leg and cried like an upset child.

Now he is resting calmly with Porter trying to help him feel better, but Vinson won't put weight on his leg.

We are able to touch all parts of his leg, foot, toes and hips without triggering pain, so it seems likely that he strained or sprained a muscle rather than fractured a bone, but we will leave the final diagnosis to the Pro's.

Following what The Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Manual states, we immediately called our area coordinator and our local veterinary office. The coordinator recorded the incident and will pass the information to Seeing Eye vets, and we will update her (and this Blog) after his appointment at 11:00 a.m. this morning. As required by The Seeing Eye, our veterinarian will call The Seeing Eye for authorization before any X-rays will be taken.

Sarah and I feel very badly for the little guy, as you can imagine. There's nothing more sad looking than a sad, cute puppy.

This is another part of raising a puppy - given their tiny size and high excitement level, accidents can and do happen. The procedures are clearly defined in the manual, so it is up to you to follow them to a T.

Keep little Vinson in your thoughts today and we'll update the Blog as soon as we know more.

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