Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vinson and Garcia - Colleagues and Pals

"Before & After" - Garcia & Vinson in the grass
Garcia is a four-year-old Seeing Eye® dog who belongs to my coworker, Pat, one of our Outreach Specialists. Pat's desk is right outside my office door, so Vinson and Garcia see each other all the time; and it just so happens that Garcia is also a Lab/golden cross like Vinson, so this photo gives you a bit of a before-and-after view - from puppy to working dog!

This morning we took Vinson and Garcia outside to pose for some photos on the pastoral property of The Seeing Eye campus. They both had a wonderful time playing, and Garcia is a great mentor (let's just say that Vinson isn't quite as good at staying-put as Garcia is).

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