Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crocodile Phase Version 2.0

While it seemed that Vinson had entered the "crocodile phase" (a loose term for the time period when puppies chew and snap at an elevated level) a few weeks ago, its apparent that he is only now really getting deeply into this challenging period.

This morning he barked incessantly in my office (which is a definite no-no at The Seeing Eye), refusing to settle down even with repeated corrections and a trip to "park". He chewed my shoe and pants when I tried to correct him, and nipped my hand! This is crocodile phase!

We are correcting these unwanted behaviors every time they occur, but it is a real commitment, as the little man can be very persistent.

He's finally (temporarily) worn out and sleeping (snoring as I write this) in my office after nearly an hour of high-level excitement.

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