Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoe Theft and Giant Plush Dogs

Vinson and I just came in from our morning walk around the training path. I've found the routine to be a good use of energy and time for us to work on leash training.

On the way back in, we stopped to visit some coworkers. Vinson really liked all the dog toys in their office, but he most preferred someone's shoe! Just a few seconds under the desk and the shoe went prancing by.

In an adjacent office there is a life-size plush German shepherd. Vinson was fascinated by the very silent, large dog. He brought a toy to it and then gave it a kiss. Funny little guy.

He's sleeping soundly now in my office, resting up for a special photo shoot this afternoon.


  1. I have a giant plush dalmation and my jack russel is scared of it

  2. I rasied a pup and during an outing to Old Navy my pup tried to play with the "model pup" in the doorway by bowing the way pups do to initiate play!