Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Met the S.E.S.Y. Group

Vinson got to meet this month's S.E.S.Y. (Seeing Eye® Seminar for Youth) group a few minutes ago. As always, he was a big hit with the group and a nice start to their morning as they prepare to experience traveling with a guide dog for the first time a little later today.

The following description of the S.E.S.Y. program is provided by The Seeing Eye, Inc.

The Seeing Eye Seminar for Youth is designed to introduce teenagers, age 15 and older, to the mobility, companionship, and lifestyle of working with a Seeing Eye® dog.

Students have the opportunity to experience the everyday handling, feeding, and grooming that owning a dog entails, and even more importantly, experience the feel of how a dog actually guides them. The seminar serves as a realistic introduction to life with a dog guide, while the hands-on experience provides critical preparation for students considering the possibility of a future partnership with a Seeing Eye dog.

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