Monday, July 23, 2012

Moonlighting as Puppy Raisers for a Week

A visit to Lowes this weekend
Sarah and I have the pleasure of puppy-sitting for a fellow puppy club member this week - so we have a 1-year-old male black-and-tan shepherd staying with us. Watson has been very accepting of the new house guest - especially considering the guest is an unaltered male shepherd!

Feels good to get back in the puppy-raising swing of things. We took our new friend to Home Depot and Lowes this weekend and he did very, very well. He is quiet, respectful and loving, but still full of puppy energy. The best part? I have a dog in the office once again! Gate closed, Nylabones out, water dish full. The funniest part? My canine clown car commute. I swear I am responsible for an awful lot of smiles, laughs and some head scratching from fellow commuters on Route 15!

Watson (left) and his new buddy
Vinson's trainer, Lori, says he continues to do well and improves every day. They've been doing lots of harness work in and around Morristown (you may see him out there if you're local). She says they are working some distraction issues which is no surprise to us, or to any of you who've been reading about Vinson! All signs still point to him completing training. He's now about half way through the four-month program, so if everything went according to schedule, he could potentially be matched with a person who is blind as early as October!

Sarah and I have had lots of questions about whether or not we'll raise another. The answer is YES! We've already spoken with Jill, our area coordinator, and are just waiting to be sure Vinson "graduates" before we get a new little fella. We'll keep you posted!

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  1. Glad you are able to keep posted and positive about Vinson's progress!! And, glad to read you are interested in raising another pup. For me it is a kind of daily focus that seems to keep our family grounded. Volunteering is so important and what better place to do it than at the local level, and the gift you are giving is your time. A treasure that is not valued enough especially since we get requests for monetary donations from so many organizations. A lesson I am passing on to my child.