Monday, July 30, 2012

Half Way Through: Postcard from Vinson

Today another postcard from Vinson arrived, marking his being half way through training. The card reads:

Hi Mom & Dad!

I'm taking a break from playing in the kennel to fill you in on my training so far. I'm half way through and I have already learned so much! I know how to stop at curbs, take Lori around things on the sidewalk and keep her safe from moving cars when we cross the streets, driveways and parking lots.

We did our first blindfold this week and I was awesome! Granted, there weren't any real distractions out there that day. If I had seen any kids or dogs or birds, I'm not sure how it would have turned out (here, Vinson drew a smiling doggy face).

After blindfolds we started freelance. So far I have been on a bus and a train. Next week we'll start working in stores and we'll go  to New York City! I've heard there are lots of pigeons there - should be fun!

Anyway, Lori loves my spunk and is working hard to teach me to channel my energy! Wish us both luck (Vinson signed with a paw print)!

Love, your puppy Vinson and Lori

Here are photos of the actual postcard:



  1. Sarah aka Vinson's MomJuly 31, 2012 at 10:24 AM

    I am SO proud of our little guy! It's neat to think of the goofy little puppy we raised doing these amazing things. So glad Lori appreciates Vinson's 'spunk' he certainly has a lot of it!

  2. Always makes me tear up when I see how well the pups are doing in training. Good boy Vinson!

  3. So great to see Vinson in harness! And he looks so serious, good boy. I think Sarah and Ryan put all the work in before, but now it is up to his trainer to get him to put the work in. I'm sure he'll do very well.
    We miss Vinson.
    Grandma and Grandpa Clark

  4. So great to hear of Vinson's progress. I wish Lori luck in teaching him to ignore kids and dogs -- I work with a spunky Seeing Eye grad and Whitney (the dog, I mean) still has trouble ignoring anything she's at eye level with --kids in strollers and other dogs her size. Practice makes perfect, though. Rock on, Vinson!