Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence is a Very Special Word at The Seeing Eye

It's in our mission statement. It's the tag line on The Seeing Eye logo. And Independence day happens to be a doubly special day here.

Today happens to be "dog day" for the July 2012 class of students - the day they meet the dog that their instructor has chosen for them; and for the first time, I'll have the incredible privilege to witness the moment when person and dog meet for that very first time and begin forming a bond that will come to define independence for many years.

It'll be one more insight for me into some piece of Vinson's upcoming future too. One day, he'll be the dog being introduced to the student, surely with a wildly wagging tail and big Lab kisses.

We did receive the official letter from The Seeing Eye telling us which instructor Vinson was assigned to - Lori - although in our unique case, we already knew this since I can see the two of them working together out my office window.

Reports are that Vinson is doing great in training, confidently and happily taking on new challenges. All signs point to him making it through to be matched, but he still has three months of training to go.

Give your canines a special hug today and take some time to reflect a bit on the many meanings of independence.


  1. was wondering how you and your wife are doing and if you put in for a new puppy???

    1. Yep - we've decided to do it all again. We really miss it!

  2. I am a newby to this site. My dear friend, Gary McDaniel was recently paired up with an awesome German Shepherd and I can't help but tear up every time I see them together. I have such a deep love for dogs and I dearly love Gary as well and am so excited that the two of them were paired up as a team. I have a great desire to be a part of the training process of these dogs and look forward to reading more about Vinson and his daily events.
    I must confess that I do feel the boot kicking me in rear for not continuing to train my OCD (Obsessive-Conpulsive Dog) of my own. After seeing Gary with his dog, watching shows about the Seeing Eye and actually being successful in past with dog training, I am once again inspired to "Take the Lead" and give my dog a better life and life a better dog.
    Keep up the good work, Vinson and take a Bow. Wow! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. If you want the whole story about Vinson and raising a puppy for The Seeing Eye, start all the way back at the posts from April, 2011. Get ready to smile, laugh and maybe shed a tear or two!