Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Exposure

Vinson spent the last four days being exposed to something new - home remodeling! During a summer home project I discovered that our house was not insulated, so before another cold winter sets in, Sarah and I took on the project of ripping out drywall, installing insulation and re-drywalling the rooms.

Because of the mess of dust, nails, etc. during the project, the rooms were a no-puppy zone. Using the gates and moving his toys and bed, Vinson relocated to the kitchen for the duration. He could hear and see us, and at first whined to be with us. But within just a few minutes he seemed to understand the new situation, and for the remainder of the project, he made no complaints, happily sleeping in his bed in the kitchen and greeting us when we entered the room to bring him out, etc.

What a great guy?!

More new posts to come now that the computer is back online at home!

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