Monday, October 17, 2011

Breakthrough Cat Moment

Last night, Vinson and one of our cats, Porter, had a huge breakthrough in trust. Vinson has been sniffing at the cats as they pass since he arrived home in April, but none of them would give him a long enough sniff to satisfy his curiosity.

Porter mustered up some bravery and now it appears a strong friendship is on the horizon. Porter laid quietly and let Vinson approach. After completing the sniff-a-thon, Vinson began to lick the cat, covering him with tiny little kisses. Porter purred and let the bath continue - which it did in grand style! Vinson gave more generous licks, leaving the cat looking as if he'd been caught in a rainstorm; but Porter purred.

After the "bath", Vinson and Porter napped together for the first time; and Vinson had his left front paw wrapped around his new friend as they snoozed. Of course, I didn't have a camera handy when this event transpired, but something tells me there will be more cat and Vinson moments to come.

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