Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watson Gladly takes the Top Dog Spot

Watson with his new "blue baby"
Since Watson arrived in our home about half way through raising Vinson, despite being an imposing ninety-pound shepherd, he assumed the second dog spot in our pack. Sarah and I were curious to see what changes we'd see in him after Vinson's departure.

There are moments when Watson is obviously missing Vinson - certain times during the day when they always played. In Vinson's absence Watson has now become top dog and it seems that I've become the surrogate playmate, tennis balls repeatedly dropped at my feet in the living room.

Overall though, Watson is loving his new, quiet realm. He'll roll onto his side, stretch casually and just enjoy relaxing - a move that would've drawn immediate and relentless play from Vinson just a few days ago.

Perhaps Watson's favorite change is the return of soft dog toys! Vinson could not be trusted around destroyable toys, or frankly anything soft including clothing and paper. When we adopted Watson his favorite toy was his "blue baby" and we had to hide him away out of Vinson's reach. Last night Sarah brought home a new blue baby and Watson was overjoyed, as shown in the photo.

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  1. our Change of Career (desi) loves her stuffies too. they were all living a happy (filled) life until our current pup turned about 6 months. then we discovered he loved the stuffies a little too much and luckily, also discovered he passed the stuffing right along in his number 2 parks. LOL Anyway, I have been buying new stuffies to give our sheppie when O-boy leaves. She will be so sad, but I know she will be happy to have her unviolated TOYS back! :)