Thursday, May 10, 2012

and then he was gone...

Vinson has officially gone back for processing. Sarah and I had lots of support from Jill and Seeing Eye staff and made it through fine, although we shared some happy tears with many staff who've come to love him as we do.

Vinson proudly wore his official Seeing Eye Dog collar as he headed across the campus with Jill. We were given a certificate marking our achievement of raising Vinson and a letter detailing the communications we'll receive from The Seeing Eye regarding his progress.

Ryan, Sarah and Vinson, posing for one last "family photo"
Vinson happily showing off his official Seeing Eye collar

A closeup of the collar - the plate is engraved with "The Seeing Eye" on one side and has Vinson's name on the other

Our final sight of Vinson heading to the kennels with Jill, taken through my office window screen


  1. It's such a sad day seeing them go, but it's also such a proud moment! Vandyke went back yesterday as well, and as much as i'll miss him, i know he's going on to do something amazing. I know you did a great job with Vinson, and he'll go on to make you even prouder than you probably already are! I'm glad to know that four of the "V" brothers are there together right now! :-)

  2. Any puppy raiser reading this blog, knows and feels the happiness and sadness you both are feeling. I am feeling the same way, even though you raised Vinson, not me. My family and i had a last photo together and we all remember the long walk to the white van, wondering what lies ahead for the puppy you help raise for the last year and a half. You wonder if he'll be ok by himself in the kennel, will he look for us? We all have the same thoughts go through our heads for the longest time. now, the waiting game. will he pass his health exams? how long will it take? the questions keep going through our minds. Don't worry, he'll be fine I keep telling myself, he'll be just fine. You look around, you see his toys, his collar, so many reminders of him. People ask me all the time, "How can you do this?, it's so hard to let him go"
    Sometimes i wonder myself the same thing, but the rewards are life changing.
    And here i am, waiting for our 6th puppy, hopefully arriving within the next 4 weeks.
    Great Blog guys, great job!

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  4. carolyn finkelsteinMay 12, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    This blog has meant a lot to me. We have raised 5 puppies and I feel you captured in words and photos everything we have all been through raising our pups. Bravo for such a wonderful document!!!

    I will miss checking up on Vinson and his exploits. I hope this can be a"to be continued" blog.

    Maybe even a book in words and photos, journal style. I think so many people in and out of the program can benefit from the information in it. Lovingly and entertainingly written and highly fact driven.

    Here's wishing for more!!!!!


    1. Carolyn,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Opening up to share the entire experience was a big jump for us, a normally somewhat private couple. There were times when we wondered "should we even post this?", or "will they think we're not doing something right if we share this story?". In the end we tried very hard to keep it honest and genuine, while weaving in the humor that comes naturally when sharing your lives with dogs. I'll keep posting as much information as I can about Vinson as his story truly is "to be continued"...

  5. I think you're amazing! I'm sure your heart swells with both heartache and pride. You gave it your all and that's so much more than most animals (and people) even get from others. I'm sure he'll make you proud. :)