Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Greeter

Vinson sitting at the entrance to The Seeing Eye this afternoon
Vinson's dream job is to be the official Seeing Eye greeter at the reception desk. He takes advantage of any opportunity to meet new people, say hi to old friends and catch up with canine pals.

Today he was super excited to meet an incredible family from the Philadelphia area. The family's two sons put together what sounds like a very cool and complex haunted house each October; and this year they decided that they wanted to use the event to raise money for The Seeing Eye.

Their haunted house, and the cause, were a huge hit, and the boys raised nearly $500 for The Seeing Eye through the generous donations of their haunted house visitors.

Today, the family made the 2-hour drive to our campus, as they wanted to see the campus, meet some pups and present their hard-earned check in person. Of course, Vinson was thrilled to meet and play with the boys. Everyone had a great time!

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  1. We loved meeting you Vinson! Thanks for making us feel so welcome! You certainly have a great friend in Ryan, and a beautiful place to stay during the day. We learned a lot about raising a dog to be a seeing eye dog, you certainly have a very important job ahead of you. We'll look forward to tracking your progress-good luck, and don't eat the Christmas Tree!