Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry Vinson hasn't shared much of his story in the past two weeks. Here's a quick catch-up:
  • Vinson and Watson have become fast friends, and while Vinson still needs to be reminded to settle down when the big guy is finished playing, they are both loving each other.
  • Since both Vinson and Watson travel to and from work with me, we had some new routines to develop. Watson stays in The Seeing Eye's staff dog housing building, so he needs to be dropped of there with all of his toys and accessories before Vinson and I head up to the office.
  • Vinson enjoyed meeting the Orientation & Mobility students at The Seeing Eye last week.
  • The late cold temperatures have really excited Vinson when we're outside - which is normal. Some of the leash biting and other "old" behaviors have returned slightly when the crisp air meets the pup's excitement.
  • Vinson and Watson are both preparing for extended holiday vacations with friends and family. Vinson will be spending part of the holiday break with Pat and Garcia from The Seeing Eye; and Watson will be spending some time with his puppy raising family.
More to come...

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