Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vinson Goes to New England

Heir to the Hartigan Wastewater Management fortune?Backseat DriverSitting at the PondMad River Marathon FestivalFast FriendsShowing Off
Mr. PopularThe Mad RiverDipping a Toe InAnd They're Off!The Finish LineRounding the Final Bend
Waving to VinsonEntering the Finish LaneThey Did It!Sarah & Vinson at the Finish LineVinson, Sarah & RyanSprinkler Fun
Making FriendsHorse & BuggyRyan and VinsonSarah and VinsonThe Paddle-WheelerThe Next Mascott for Lake George?

Vinson Goes to New England, a set on Flickr.

Vinson had a big adventure this weekend! His first trip out-of-state brought him to Vermont, where Sarah was running in the first annual Mad River Half Marathon in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Along the way, Vinson stood in huge crowds, experienced new and exciting moments and met hundreds of great people and dogs, all the while spreading the mission of The Seeing Eye. We handed out a boatload of Vinson's business cards to people from Europe, Canada, and all over the United States!

New Experiences Included:

The loud sound of the starting gun at the Marathon
The sight (and smells) of horses and cows
A crowd of thousands of runners and spectators
A Festival filled with music, food venders, people and dogs
Three nights in dog-friendly hotels
Long car drives
Meeting motorcycle riders from Canada
Standing in a cool flowing river
The sound of the fog horn on a huge ship

Vinson did wonderfully on the trip and is really progressing. On Sunday, he turned 19 weeks old.

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