Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Thinker: Vinson Goes to the Library

Vinson and Ryan on the front steps

The staff at the Sparta Public Library love Seeing Eye® dogs and puppies and were immediately open to us bringing Vinson into the building.

We had Vinson sit on the front steps before entering the building. Once inside, he was intrigued by that library smell and all of the people that were quietly reading. He behaved very well and stuck with the library etiquette of remaining quiet.

After Sarah found the book she was looking for and Vinson was finished exploring, we left a nice big stack of Vinson's business cards on the checkout counter with permission from the librarian. Next time you're at the Sparta Public Library, pick up a card - and be on the lookout for Vinson in person!

Vinson & Sarah lounging in the reading area


  1. Hey I know this library! We live in Sparta and raise puppies too! Our latest puppy, Abbott, is back at Seeing Eye for his training now but he was at the library almost every week. The library is so awesome the way they welcome the Seeing Eye puppies. Good luck Vinson and hope to see you around.

  2. That's wonderful! Keep a look out for us - we often walk to the plaza from East Shore Trl to visit the ice cream shop, library, etc.!