Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waiting for a Match

Vinson sitting proudly in harness!
I spoke with Chris, Vinson's current instructor, and he reports that he's had some very good walks through town with Vinson. Chris feels he is ready to be matched with the right student.

By chance, Chris is the instructor I featured in one of our latest videos that happens to be all about the matching process! If you're interested in learning more about what goes into the match, watch the video on The Seeing Eye's YouTube channel!

In the meantime, reports are that Vinson is "the clown of the play yard", which is no surprise to any of us! He's happy, healthy and ready to work (or play!).

And it begins again...

On a personal note, Sarah and I are happy to report that we are raising a second puppy who came to us the day after Christmas! Vinson taught us many things, and with Watson now top dog in our home, we've got a great role model for the new little guy. This time around, we're raising a male German shepherd; and he's learning and growing fast. My coworkers are also thrilled to have another puppy in the office. We will not be blogging about our newest puppy - that was really a project that was all Vinson (and boy did he turn out to be a great puppy to follow!).

I will post Vinson updates as they are shared with me. We're hoping for the day when we can post that he's been matched and is off on his next adventure. Stay tuned!

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