Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Fantastic Day at Greenberry's Coffee Company

The Seeing Eye had great representation and an awesome turnout of supporters at Greenberry's today! With our table setup outside in the nice weather, lots of puppy raisers, graduates, current students, volunteers and musicians, we were a big attraction and spoke to many passers-by about our mission.

Highlights included great music performances (including one by a Seeing Eye instructor), fantastic food and cafe drinks from Greenberry's, coffe-shop staff inquiring about volunteering at The Seeing Eye, riders in tomorrow's Grand Fondo NJ stopping by to learn more and enjoy some refreshments, many people getting to meet Vinson, Garcia and the crew of Seeing Eye canines, and incredibly generous donations from so many - both through Greenberry's and individual donations.

A huge thanks goes out to all involved, and especially Greenberry's and the musicians. Vinson is currently sound asleep after a long day and in preparation for an early morning at the Gran Fondo NJ starting line!

Here are some photos from today's event.

Sarah & Vinson, Holly, Pat & Garcia as we prep for the day
Seeing Eye president, Jim, and his wife Ginger wore their Seeing Eye Gran Fondo NJ jerseys to today's event. They're riding in tandem bike teams in tomorrow's ride.
A dedicate group of puppy raisers and their pups showed up for the day.
Seeing Eye puppy raisers and their pups added fun for all

A Seeing Eye instructor shared his musical tallents

A dog-in-training's view of the musical show

Lots of dogs showed up, including these toy manchesters

Another great musician performs to a crowded cafe

A full house enjoyed the treat and fun, and supported The Seeing Eye at the same time!

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